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The Lotus Home SPA Mask Pack 3 SET
The Lotus Home SPA Mask Pack 3 SET
The Lotus Home SPA Mask Pack 3 SET
The Lotus Home SPA Mask Pack 3 SET
$ 19.00

The Lotus Home SPA Mask Pack 3 SET

Light-Pink Natural Rayon Sheet Containing Red Camellia Oil
This outstanding mask sheet has oil extracted from Benitsubaki (-Red Camellia) see directly mixed into the rayon. It is very soft, causes no irritation to the skin, and easily applies to the skin. The sheet contains a sufficient amount of oleate and camellia seed oil, which has skin high moisturizing effects, and therefore creates a layer of moisture and shine shine balancing the moisture of the skin.
As a light-pink sheet, it applies naturally to the skin without standing out. The sheet has outstanding antibiotic effects, which helps prevent the proliferation of acne bacteria.

STEP 1. Exfoliation
This mask pack, with its home-spa concept, contains peeling ingredients used by professional skin care centers. This softens the skin and shortens the cycle of dead skin cells without having to scrub the skin with particles. The melts the dead skin cells - this is normal. If the skin continues to prickle and feel irritated, remove the mask, lightly tap the skin, and wash with lukewarm water.
It is recommended that users use the mask 1-2 times a week.
Please wear sun screen when going outside after using the peeling pack.

STEP 2. Skin Soothing+Whitening
This mask sheet helps skin moisturization and turns dry skin into shiny water-glowing skin. It also helps recover skin vitality.
Whitening functional cosmetic product_ Helps skin whitening.

STEP 3. Skin Moisturization+Wrinkle Treatment (Cream Type)
This step balances the moisture of your skin with highly concentrated nutrition, and provided volume with wrinkle treating ingredients.
Wrinkle treatment cosmetic product_ Helps wrinkle treatment.